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About Us

The best defense … is a feared offense …
We are your strategic partner for identifying and building tailored capabilities, across all domains of warfare, to meet your unique environment. The Five Domain’s team of nearly one hundred Subject Matter Experts (SME) includes individuals with proven past performance in their respective fields in land, air, sea, space and cyber defense. Our clients want the best possible outcomes – and so do we. Five Domains prides itself as a learning organization, continuously assessing our actions and outcomes to improve our services. We are a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.
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Key Products and Services

    • Leadership Training
    • Capabilities Based Assessments
    • Concepts Development
    • Assess & Enhance Elements of Combat Power
    • Build Interoperability Joint Capabilities
    • Transformation Implementation
    • Curriculum Development
    • Instructor Development and Training
    • Platform Instruction
    • Holistic Solutions framed by DOTMLPF-P:
        • Doctrine
        • Organization
        • Training
        • Materiel
        • Leadership and Education
        • Personnel
        • Facilities
        • Policy
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Demonstrated Performance

The Five Domains team has over a decade of business performance. We participate in Foreign Military Sales contracts and Direct Commercial Sales contracts to Train, Advise, Assist, and Mentor foreign military leaders.

We have conducted Capabilities-Based Assessments (CBA) to identify the capability gaps in organizations that hinder them from fully achieving their intended mission in an effective and efficient manner.

We have built National Military Education curriculum, programs of instruction (POI), and instructor training programs serving Active Duty and Reserve Component Forces.

We have expertise in Joint and Service/Force specific warfighting requirements within Combined Arms, Joint and Coalition structures.

We take pride when our client becomes a self-sustaining entity and no longer requires our services.

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Our Approach

At Five Domains we use a methodical approach that begins with organizational and mission assessments to identify gaps in capabilities. We then develop holistic solutions to support our client’s goals to address those gaps.

Fully Integrated Approach

A top-down and bottom-up, fully integrated Joint approach to concurrently achieve timely, transformational outcomes.

Doctrine development, education

A formal and informal education solution based on leading practice doctrine to achieve a common understanding throughout the client organization.

Training exercises and simulations

The conduct of exercises and table-top simulations to determine proposed solution’s acceptability, suitability, feasibility, and sustainability.

<h2>Our Approach</h2>

Our Focus - Education

Our experienced team is composed of career senior U.S. Military Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers. All are veterans of advanced Professional Military Education (PME) and have combat experience in the practical application of what they learned. Many have participated in the creation and evolution of U.S. Military doctrine and taught at U.S. Military Service Academies and Educational Centers of Excellence. Through a Train, Advise, Assist, and Mentor approach we build our partner’s capacity to defend and win their Nation’s conflicts.

Our Purpose

We build knowledge and create integrated enterprises. Our professionals develop or enhance capabilities that span all domains with leading edge organizational solutions. Our designs provide over-match against current and future threats.

Contact us

We see ourselves as a mission purposed company. At the behest of our clients we maintain a low-profile digital footprint. Please contact us below if you would like more information.

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